Friday, June 26, 2009


Heading into melbs tomorrow with lindsay earlier before FP, to get a bit of a ride in.
hopefully get some sweet clips/photo's (on lindsays camera, still haven't found my charger)
might post some up after this weekend.
yeah, fuck it. im making a promo edit.
for our upcoming movie of the crew (or whats left of it)

actually, i've been talking about it more lately.
so everyones actually gotten real psyched on it! like started calling out things that they want to do, that already sound epic. so they better follow through with this.
maybe this will motivate us lazy cunts!
riverside motherfuckerrrrrrrr!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well since i have no clue where my camera charger is..
i wont be posting any photo's for a while.
hopefully it will turn up somewhere

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Focalpoint this weekend!

SO excited for this weekend!
as stu said, everyone is going to need at least 6 changes of underwear for the night.
cause everyone will just shit they're pants through the entire movie..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

update: new blog

okay, ahh i made another one.
i couldnt think of any other names
haha so if you think of one. let me know.
okay, so.. the other one is for shit talking, and this one is photos

p.s i've got the sweetest hippy pants on.
fuck they are unreal

New blog

mannnn, i'm keeping this blog for like all my photo's.
definately making another one so i can just talk shit, so they're separated
cause this is fun, talking about stuff that no-one really wants to hear about.
like my bird, cause that makes everyone sad. No-one wants to hear about a deceased bird while trying to look at photos. that sucks

so yeah, making a new one. will update telling (whoever reads this bullshit) of the site address.

but before i go make one.. i've just gotta say:
How funny is this photo from cup day last year.
dont ask what happened. cause i dont remember

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Oh fuck. i feel bad.

Our bird got pneumonia last night cause he got left outside in his cage all night last night, and we took him to the vet cause he was real puffy, and they gave him some anti-biotics and told us to keep him in a warm place, so mum put his cage in the bathroom.
and i just walked in to go to the toilet and he's died :(

poor bird.

why do all our animals die?
I'm not looking forward to tomorrow

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Waiting list

Super stoked to see new Focalpoint video: The waiting list!

27th of june, Mercat Cross Hotel, 456 Queen Street Melbourne!

Heard from a guy on the inside; Marnolds part in particular is amazing.. along with jase, coopers, fahy-hampton, flagz', polly's.. actually, i've just heard the movie is going to be amazing..

Even more stoked that defero will be shown with it too!
I'm dying to see this, mostly cause its produced mainly by a B-town local: Chris Matthews.
give it up! hahaha.

fuck it, i've decided im making another movie.
Hopefully with full length parts

cunts, get your filming boots on

Old times

Watching all the old riding video's i made.
Fuck i miss all the old times :(
No-one had girlfriends* and riding was a main priority.
oh well, times change i guess

Autumn/Winter Edit from Patrick Stokes on Vimeo.

Street sessions from Patrick Stokes on Vimeo.

*except micca, and also, not to say that girlfriends are necessarily bad, it's just we dont get to see them as much cause they're in love hahahahah


Hahah, do you know what I hate?
when people that text you.. and you get the message and dont reply*.
Then they send it again.. thinking you didnt get it hahaha.
I just didnt want to reply you silly fucker!

*excludes sometimes, because i often run out of credit haha

Mi goreng

sooooooo yep.
I mainly just wanted to say that mi goreng...

although, it is so god damn good when you're eating it.
it has serious, repercussions.
including stomache ache, which i have right now. fuck.
so yeah, eat it in moderation, dont do what i do and and get eager and have too much.
Also, my photography teacher, leigh, im pretty sure is like roughly 75-80% retard.
I hate teachers that are stupid. cause when you ask them something, to do with the subject that they're teaching.. they dont have a clue what your talking about.
I mean they spent a minimum of 3 years at uni? if not more to learn to teach.
so my conclusion for leigh is that he's just pretty much drunk everyday, or on drugs
yeah, probably drugs

Monday, June 15, 2009

sessions 6

For some reason i've been really into dance music lately
and a friend just burnt me sessions 6
yep its pretty good
get on that shit


I hate this year.
Year 12 sucks, and its not even the schoolwork that makes it suck.
Its the fact that everyones either finished year 12 or dropped out.
This year would be tolerable some people weren't wankers.
i want this year to be over already...


Finally had some good weather yesterday. I was the only one not hungover.. and even got like.. 13 hours sleep or something ridiculous.

So yesterday morning, woke up, called everyone that would answer their phones, and only a handful of people were up or some people were still fucking stoned or drunk from the night before haha. Anyway, yeah so decided we would all meet at brocks then went down to the old park for a bit, which was good i guess, for a bit anyway, then decided to go out to the trails which were sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. cause it gave me the chance to shoot trails finally.

Brock was blasting toboggans, t-dizzles and bangin' inverts all over the shop. Boris, using his natural stylish trail flow and little Kory going big, as the little fucker does!

Haha, but i gotta get to class, but no doubt i'll be on later cause this shit is addictive!

first post!

Wow! so going through peoples myspace's recently, and it seems like everyone has one of these things.
so after a while i thought.. fuck it. I'm making one too.
So here i am haha.

I'll post more soon!