Wednesday, August 19, 2009

new photo's

sorry these are taking so long.
by the way, i'm putting the edited photo's on here only.
if you want the originals, check my facebook cause i just chuck them all up there and you guys can choose what photo's you want.

well, all of these ones are taken from lindsays camera, cause he's the only motherfucker who had a decent fisheye. and i think he actually got angry at me towards the end cause i kept using it haha.
but heres some from micca, throwing down a table over the hip and tucks, and for the short time he had them; flairs.
such it was such a fucking good day, boris and brock had icypoles.
boris and brock had about 500 goes each at lookbacking the hip, and i'm still not happy with how they turned out. maybe next time.
and yeah brock just doing his thing, tobogganing, and tyresliding everything
jack and kory had a good sesh on the big quarter.
fuck they are getting good those little cunts.

HAHAHA and just for good measure..

Friday, August 14, 2009

LOL az

Enter the Dragon. from bean on Vimeo.

this is absoloute gold!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


hey fuckers.. thought you were gonna see some photo's on here didnt you.
well suck on that you mexican fuck.
fuck you brock little ass licking motherfucker.

haha naaahhh. just kidding.
im gonna post another blog about it.
when you say please

Friday, August 7, 2009



no wonder we're so behind skaters in filming, editing and just in general.
take a look at this video

like fuccckkkk.
how are we meant to contest with that!?

Thursday, August 6, 2009


i have a fuckload of photo's to post, and i'll start from the start.
and then post all the others in different posts, otherwise it will jsut get too crowded.

Okay, so this lot is from boris' lasttt? friday i think it was.
me stu and lindsay went out there to dig at like 12:00 and i decided to take some b&w shots using kory's long lens. but anyway, to the main point. Dean rocked up at like 1:00 and had school at 1:30, so yeah did the obvious option and wagged, for good reason, only to see the kids shredding the big set at boris' for the first time. and fuck they are big, look at this shot of micca standing watching Dean, and thats the 1st! haha oh fuck that!
Dean just using his natural trail flow to shred, and micca doing his thing, loving the last double.
i especially love this shot, i dunno why, it just cause everyone is just watching in awe haha.
i just love black and white shots in general actually.
they just look really moody, i guess is the word

and heres one from the park; Jamie- smith to 180, what a fuckhead haha.

oh, and im sorry i have to post all these photo's in links.
but for some reason my computer doesnt like the uploader in this thing.
and yeah, i've got fuckloads more. i'll post them now