Wednesday, August 19, 2009

new photo's

sorry these are taking so long.
by the way, i'm putting the edited photo's on here only.
if you want the originals, check my facebook cause i just chuck them all up there and you guys can choose what photo's you want.

well, all of these ones are taken from lindsays camera, cause he's the only motherfucker who had a decent fisheye. and i think he actually got angry at me towards the end cause i kept using it haha.
but heres some from micca, throwing down a table over the hip and tucks, and for the short time he had them; flairs.
such it was such a fucking good day, boris and brock had icypoles.
boris and brock had about 500 goes each at lookbacking the hip, and i'm still not happy with how they turned out. maybe next time.
and yeah brock just doing his thing, tobogganing, and tyresliding everything
jack and kory had a good sesh on the big quarter.
fuck they are getting good those little cunts.

HAHAHA and just for good measure..

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