Friday, July 24, 2009

Interview: Lindsay Mcmahon

so what, its like 1:26am, just got back from another party at stu's which seem to get fucking better every time, but the main point here folks is, cause i couldnt drink that much cause i have a vagina, (i've got tonsilitis again i think) (well the symptoms add up anyway) i decided to do a quick interview with a perth mess called Lindsay Mcmahon.
I was going to stay at stu's but i got to excited cause i wanted to post this, and plus i had mi goreng in the cupboard.
I have a bikecheck to do on him too.
I'll post another blog entry with his bikecheck in it when i get the photo's
point being; here's the interview

Pat: Oiii, linds. i'll write some questions down and you gotta answer them fuckhead
Lindsay: hahaaa, nah man, i'm fuckin' drunk!... where'd that bunga go?!.. ohhh fuck, yeah alright then. a drunk and stoned interview *laughs*

What do you do for a living?
BMX, Bong's, beers and bungas.
oh wait.. did i say bongs?
yeah mate, you did
yeah bongs too. *laughs*

what do you do when you're off the bike?
Maddy: "all he does is masturbate! HAHAH" *lindsay knods in approval
Lindsay: Oh! and centerlink.

How many jobs have you had? and what were they
Workin with my parents (pest control) *laughs*, coles
what did you do at coles?
i was the cunt who ate all the broken food out the back *laughs again*
Hahaa, what other jobs?
moroni's bike shop, fruit picker at the burra, apprentice carpenter, concreter for probuild, castle bacon, optical dispensing apprenticeship which was a fitting and turning type apprenticeship, and a bartender. well technically i still am one..
How many jobs is that?
oh, fuck yeah we're laughin, thats fuck all jobs man.

why didnt any of them work out?
coz centerlinks easy man.. dont have to do fuck all.
just get drunk and make up phone-numbers and businesses every 2 weeks.

Whats your plans in life?
FUCK.. ahhhhhh...*thinks for like 5 minutes hahah
ahh, live in the moment, and find love
haha don't be gay man, seriously.. what do you wanna do with yourself
*laughs* nah serious, thats what im lookin for
fuck me i'm high! *laughs*

Best thing in your life at the moment?
*thinks for another 5 minutes.. and gets sidetracked*
Maddy: Lindsay, I'm going to the toilet
Lindsay: do you want me to watch!?
Maddy: no.
Lindsay: okay..*2 minutes go by of laughter.. "Maddie done a poo-poo *cracks up again* haha.
Okay.. okay, ahh fuck. probably a toss up between bongs, bunga's and beers.

heard you nearly have a wife? whats the go with that?
No comment.. no comment man. i dont wanna comment on my engagement status *laughs*

*hearing piss flow into the toilet*
Lindsay yells out from the toilet: ahhh... centerlink, stu and dylan.
See ya mate, im going in town to get laid
*skulls the rest of his johnny can*

Catchya mate.

Comes back in 10 seconds later,
"I forgot the bunga's..*laughs* catchya man.

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