Tuesday, July 28, 2009


so yep.
After looking at all these http://www.monsterchildren.com/ and http://www.thecobrasnake.com/ photo's
they inspired me to take some black and white photo's.
I wish i had cool people to take photos of.
but i made do with what i had
here's a couple.

yeah, i photoshopped the film edges onto it. i know this is really cheap but if
i had an analogue camera, and a developing studio, i'd be able to do it the proper way, instead of the gay way. I want an analogue camera and sick camera gear, and the knowledge how to use it.

I dunno why i like this one.
maybe cause its plain. and i shot at 1600 ISO so it would be all grainy.. like if you used 1600ASA film.

i dunno.
i wish you could just be "good" at things.
instead of having to learn all the tricks and stuff.
and i wish there was no such thing as natural talent.

just a peg basket.
theres really nothing to take photo's of around my house at all.
and i really really like black and white photo's.
maybe not for bike shots, but for stuff like this, I love it.

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